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10 Ways to Make a Positive Impact in Your Business

You’re a driven professional and want to make an impact in your workplace.  You want to improve the company, improve your ownership stake or career options, and be a force for positive growth in your business.  You’ve come to the right place!

Here are the Top 10 ways you can make a positive impact on your business.

1. Be A Strong Communicator

Communication is the biggest job you have.  It is critical for you to be able to clearly articulate business goals and how to accomplish them.  In order to motivate the team around you, you must tie your message to your mission and take the time to explain not just the “what” but the “why” behind it.

You’ve risen in your career or organization because you have mastered certain skills.  The higher up you go, the more you have to depend on what others accomplish. Your continued success depends on making sure your team hears your message the way you intend.  It’s not so much about what you say, but about what they hear.  If you both walk away from the same conversation thinking different things, something’s gone wrong.

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2. Customize Your Approach

Tailor your approach to different people.  Some people respond to facts and logical arguments while others respond on an emotional level.  Remember, not everybody is driven by the same things you are.

Strong communication skills should always explain the mission, explain the bigger picture reason we’re doing it, and should be tied to measurable goals to track progress.

3. Develop Listening Skills

Your time is your most valuable asset.  When you take the time to listen to someone, you are showing respect and acknowledging that you value their positions.  Whether it’s your boss, your subordinates, or your colleagues, giving them your attention can help build a relationship with your team.

4. Master “Soft” Skills

In addition to good communication skills, you have to display empathy.  Take time to understand what others are going through and the job they have to do.

What may seem easy to you may be difficult for others.  Without understanding how difficult it is for them, it’s impossible for you to accurately gauge the impact of what you’re asking them to do.  In your career growth, if you haven’t done the job they’re in, you may want to sit in their chair for a day. At the least, you need to have a firm grasp of what they do and what it takes to do it.

5. Be Positive

Nobody likes to be around someone with a bad attitude.  On the other hand, people gravitate to those showing a positive attitude.  They want to work for people that believe in them and support them. It doesn’t mean hiding the bad news when it happens, but it does demonstrate that problems can be overcome.

Positivity is contagious.  So is negativity.

6. Speak Up

When you are in meetings or interacting with your higher-ups, have the confidence to share your ideas and opinions.  While you don’t want to dominate the conversation, leaders are rarely silent in meetings.

7. Show That No Job Is Too Small

Demonstrate to your team that you are willing to roll up your sleeves and do whatever it takes to get the job done.  Leaders taking on seemingly menial tasks can send a powerful message: You’re in it with them. It makes it easier when you have to ask them to take on jobs they might think are beneath them.  When the boss takes the time to pick up trash that’s on the floor or clean off a desk, it makes it harder for them to leave it messy in the first place.

8. Delegate Without Micro-Managing

One of the hardest things managers have to learn is that you can’t do everything yourself.  Even if you would do it better, you have to let others take do it. Delegating important tasks without micro-managing is difficult.

That doesn’t mean abdicating responsibility.  You still have to make sure the job gets done and you may need to do mid-course corrections.  Think of them as “teaching moments.” The better you train, the less you will have to carry the burden yourself. The more you delegate, the easier it will get.

9. Pay It Forward

Every one of us rose to positions of leadership because we had help along the way.  Mentoring employees and helping them achieve their career goals helps builds loyalty.  Employees who feel their boss is personally invested in their success will go the extra mile.

Not only is it get for the workplace, but it is inspiring to watch others grow under your mentoring.  You never know when they will rise to a position of leadership and be able to provide you with opportunities.

10. Position Yourself As A Thought Leader

Thought leaders are people that help drive the conversation in the industry.  By positioning yourself as a thoughtful and insightful leader in your business, you can connect with top professionals in your field.  This can lead to career opportunities for you and growth opportunities for your business.

Consider content marketing. creating consistent articles, blog posts, or social media posts about your industry.  Some ideas would include recognition of trends, new ways of thinking, a modern twist on the way things are done, information that would help others, and more.  You need to provide actual value and authentic. These are not sales pitches, but a unique commentary on things affecting your business (and your customer’s lives).  This positions you as an expert and helps establish trust with customers (and potential customers).

If you’re not sure how to get started, find industry articles and provide comments.  Connect with writers or business leaders and engage with them. If you’re uncomfortable writing content yourself, consider a freelance writer that can take your thoughts and craft them into a thought-provoking piece.

People want to work for people that know where business is headed and can create a vision to get them there.

A Final Thought

Finally, treat everyone fairly.  Whether they are the janitor or your top salesperson, we are all just people.  Just because someone is mopping the floor doesn’t make them any less of a person.  Kindness is contagious, too.

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Andy Steuer

Andy Steuer

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