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4 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Social Media Agency

When you’re in need of a product or service, do you simply go out and buy the first one you find?

Likely not.

So why would you hire the first social media agency you find?

Not all social media agencies are created equal and nor should they be treated as such. You need to find the one that will deliver the results your business needs.

You’ll find some social media companies that specialize in social media ads, promoting social media content across specific platforms, and certain industries. Locating the one that’s right for your business will take a little due diligence.

This includes asking the right questions. With the answers provided, you’ll be able to determine if they have the skills, strategies, tools, and knowledge needed to make your social media campaign succeed.

But what should you ask?

Let’s take a look at several questions that can help you make a final decision.

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1. How do you know what to create for us?

If a social media agency claims to already know exactly what your business needs is a major red flag. Any expert in social media will know that there’s no cookie-cutter strategy that’ll work for every business.

So a good answer would revolve around learning everything they can about your business and its target audience. This way, they can capture your brand’s voice and resonate with whoever you’re marketing to.

They’ll also dive deep into your business’s past, learning what marketing strategies you used. This will help determine what worked for you and what didn’t. And it’ll reveal what methods you’re currently using that can be implemented (or removed).

An in-depth look into your marketing initiatives is key. Otherwise, how will they create content and strategies that’ll meet your company’s goals? Using generic strategies just isn’t going to cut it.

Your business should be treated as a unique entity it is by crafting a social media marketing strategy that’s equally unique.

2. How will you help me outdo my competitors?

Now, this is a very important question, especially since one of your primary goals is to compete with competitors. A good agency will conduct extensive analyses of all of your competitors in order to come up with a solid social media promotion plan.

This includes looking at the failures, successes, stats, and strategies they’re using. In doing so, they’ll be able to see what’s working, what isn’t – so you can avoid similar mistakes – and holes in their methods.

Finding out what your competitors are not doing – but should be – is key to getting ahead. By implementing this into your own strategy, you can capitalize on their incompetence and propel ahead of them.

Who knows, you may even steal some of their customers just by doing so!

For example, if many of your competitors aren’t using the Facebook chatbot to cater to customers after hours, then you can implement one. This can drive more leads and potentially boost your conversions.

3. What’s the process for creating social media content?

As you should know, content is the key to driving traffic, followers, and conversions. Without it, you’ll have a social media page filled with nothing.

content creation process

It’s vital to have a strategy in place that’ll help you deliver content your audience will find interesting enough to engage with. Whether this is a click, comment, or share – all engagement is good engagement.

In order to get this engagement, you need a content development strategy to ensure you have a consistent flow of quality content to post. If the agency you’re interviewing doesn’t have a methodology for content development, then that’s another red flag.

A quality agency will gladly go over their content creation plan, which should include how topics are created, how often they’ll share content, and how they’ll go about sharing it – via paid and/or organic promotion.

Your posts should consist of factors that’ll help it get max visibility. This includes implementing quality photos and videos. On Facebook, users are 44% more likely to interact with brand posts that contain imagery.

And videos on Facebook receive an average of 3K interactions. Plus, we can’t ignore the fact that social media platforms are shifting towards a more visual standard.

It’s important to keep up with the demand of your audience and use the full capabilities of these social networks. Make sure your agency will stay abreast of the ever-changing world of social media.

4. How will you measure success?

A strategy is only as great as the success it brings. If the social media agency you’re considering boasts having great planning and execution – but doesn’t have a solid way of measuring success, then run for the hills.

The last thing you need is a social media manager that doesn’t bring your business results. It’s essential that they have the tools and methods they use to determine what’s working and what isn’t.

social media content

This way, your social media strategy is constantly evolving for the better. You don’t want to be like those businesses that stick with an agency for years before finding out their campaigns aren’t yielding an ROI.

So to be sure your agency is on top of measuring success, you should also inquire about reporting. An agency that regularly sends you reports on how things are going will give you peace of mind that your money’s being well-spent.

These reports should include how many posts are going out, the engagement they’re getting (likes, shares, comments, reach), and how much traffic it’s yielding. Plus, there needs to be a way to measure and report on which posts are leading to conversions (subscriptions, sales, etc.).

What’s great about reports is that it gives the agency accountability. They’ll work harder to impress you with each report you receive. Then when the reports aren’t so great, they’ll own up to what’s wrong and let you know what they plan to do to make improvements.

Social media can take time so it requires patience, but it demands diligence even more.

Finding a Social Media Agency

As you’re looking around for a social media agency, don’t forget to ask these questions. The answers they provide will give you a ton of insight into whether or not it’s worthy of your business.

The goal is to find a company that’ll always keep your business goals at the forefront of its strategies. And whatever you do – avoid agencies with generic strategies!

Find out your unique content needs and then figure out the best social media agency for you. You can contact us to discuss your content problems and we can help you draft your custom requirements.

Have more tips about finding a great social media agency? Let us know about it in the comments!

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