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7 Experts You Need On Your Content Marketing Team in 2019 (And Beyond)

All content is not created equal – after all, advertisements can be considered a form of content. Yet, 73% of consumers dislike pop-up ads and 81% of internet users will leave a site because of ads.

How can you get your brand out effectively if you’re not able to get it in front of your core audience?

This is what makes content marketing a genius strategy – it enables brands to promote their products/services without in-your-face advertising. Plus, they can deliver quality content that their prospects will want to see.

But in order to get to this point, you need a content marketing team outfitted with all the right experts.

Not sure if your team is ready? Then here’s a look at who you need to hire to have a successful content marketing strategy for 2019 and beyond.

Content Strategist

Marketing isn’t just an industry – it’s a war zone. So you need someone on your team that can not only map out your next moves but those of your competitors as well.

This individual will always have a close eye on what’s happening in the market with both your target customers and competition. In doing so, they’re able to plan content around this that fits the need of the market.

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With the right content strategist on your team, you’ll always be one step ahead!

Content Writer

Your content strategy won’t get far without having a writer on your squad. And you don’t just want to hire any ol’ writer – you need someone who’s knowledgeable about your business, its products and services, its core customers, and competitors.

They work closely with the content strategist to ensure all content is crafted with these things in mind. The strategist creates the topics and content calendar and the writer fleshes them out into winning pieces your audience will love.

They can also help drive consumers through the sales funnel by creating content for each stage: awareness, consideration, and decision.

Then if you want to take it a step further, your content writer can publish content that nurtures customers into becoming returning customers.

It’s good to hire a writer with a journalism background so you’re getting content that’s well-researched. These writers can also interview customers, experts, and others to get the best spin on their story.

Multimedia Expert

It’s not enough to just have a blog – albeit it is still necessary for your SEO strategy. Today, you need to have a multi-channel approach that involves using different forms of media to reach your target customers.

This includes developing articles for your blog, videos for your YouTube or Vimeo accounts, and infographics to help your social posts go viral.

We can’t ignore the importance of visual elements in content. In fact, it’s found that content with visuals is 40x more likely to be shared on social media.

Having someone on your team who’s able to handle all of your multimedia needs is critical to delivering content that caters to your audience’s preferences. For instance, including graphs, videos, and even music into your blog posts will ensure you have something for everyone.

Content Editor

Whether you’re drafting blog posts or videos, it’s essential to have an editor to look over it all to ensure quality and accuracy. You don’t want to put out any form of content that contains errors because this will hurt the credibility of your brand.

The editor will handle basic editing, such as grammar and spelling, as well as fact-checking. Then if a lot of changes are needed, then the piece is returned back to the content writer.

Otherwise, the editor will take care of the small changes.

Digital Designer

Stock photos are great, but if you can get someone who can make branded images for your content, then even better. A digital designer will be able to assist with this, as well as other projects.

This includes designing the layout of your website, blog posts, and offline content. It’s important to have a seamless look for branding purposes.

Social Media Promoter

With a social media marketing strategy, you can promote your content without spending a fortune. You’ll need a social media promoter to handle this, as it takes carefully planned strategies to get results.

This includes keeping an eye on conversations, engaging with users, and reaching out to influencers in the industry. The idea is to have someone promote your blog posts, manage relationships with influencers and users, manage paid promotions, and more.

You need a person that can generate positive attention to your brand and stir up buzz and a loyal following.

Data Analyst

We can all agree that there’s a ton of data being generated on a daily basis. Keeping up with it all has become somewhat of a problem.

Lucky for you, you don’t really have to sift through it all. You just need to hone in on key data points that can help your content marketing strategy excel.

With a data analyst on your team, you can ensure you’re reaching goals. Then if you aren’t, you can easily pinpoint why you aren’t.

Some of the key metrics they’ll watch includes traffic sources, conversions, and engagement. They’ll track and analyze data from your blog, social media channels, and other online sources you post content to.

Their job is to measure the performance of all your content marketing efforts and help you to experiment and improve campaigns to gain the results you desire.

Putting Together Your Content Team

Not sure where to begin with gathering your content team? Not to worry – you can always outsource to a digital marketing firm.

In doing so, you can save money big time. Just think, you won’t have to hire full-time employees. Nor will you have to deal with hiring and managing contractors from different parts of the country (or world).

With an agency, you get a package deal with all the experts you need to make your content marketing soar. Interested in learning more?

Then reach out to us today!

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