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7 Ways To Update Your Social Media Business Profiles

Social media networks are the home to billions of active users. You have Facebook boasting a whopping 2.2 billion active users and Instagram with a solid billion (and rising).

Since 2014, Instagram has grown steadily year over year with at least 100 million active monthly users.  And between 2017 and 2018, it witnessed a 200 million increase in active monthly users.

Because of the large user base of these platforms, you’ll find a plethora of companies opening up accounts. On Facebook alone, there are over 65 million local business pages.

So how do you promote or market your business profile stand out in the sea of social media pages? Well, there are a number of things you can do to spruce up your social media strategy.

Let’s take a look at several ways how.

1. Get Rid of Old Posts

It’s important to keep your social media pages updated with new and fresh content. But over time, these posts become dull and outdated.

As newcomers visit your page and browse through your posts, you don’t want them to stumble upon content that’s irrelevant. Now, you’ll have some posts that are evergreen and can stick around forever.

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But if you have old news posts, content with outdated stats and info, or other unessential data, then it’s time to remove them. This also goes for any promotions, contests, and other time-sensitive posts you made.

By removing all of this, you can keep your social media page fresh and up-to-date.

2. Implement Your Brand Colors

Your social media page is all about building your brand’s visibility. So it makes sense to implement your brand colors into the design.

If you haven’t already done so, then it’s time to transform your generic page into a branded one. You can do this by changing your background photo to include business colors.

If you don’t have one, you can create one or hire someone to do it for you. There are people who specialize in creating logos and banners for social media.

Then when you’re publishing content, it’s a good idea to include your brand colors in those as well.

This way, your audience will come to recognize your brand theme wherever they may see it.

3. Update Your Profile Picture w/ a Professional Headshot

If you are the face of the business, then it’s important to have a professional headshot photo. Because believe it or not – internet users do judge quickly and harshly.

If your photo is blurry, pixelated, or lacks proper lighting, then it’s going to come off as unprofessional. This is bad for companies that are trying to impress their audience and gain their trust.

Just think – what type of company can’t afford to get a professional picture taken? Or that has the money but doesn’t care to do so?

It’s sloppy and makes a bad impression. You want to present your business as neat, professional, and clear. So begin with updating your profile picture!

4. Try Using a Different Font

On certain platforms, you’re able to switch up the font of your posts. This is a great way to make your posts stand out on your followers’ walls.

Also, it’ll give your social media business page a sprucing up.

You can test out different fonts to see which are the most appealing. Ideally, you want to choose a font that’s legible and easy to read.

Sure, you may think a fancy cursive font looks great, but it may be hard on the eyes and difficult to understand. Go with something unique and simple instead.

5. Update the Headings of Your Posts

Want to breathe life back into some of your older, but relevant posts? Then try reposting them but with new headlines the next time around.

And if you’re now using a different font, this can help make it stand out even more.

Try to switch the headings to something eye-catching and interesting to capture the attention of your audience. You want to increase the views from those who missed it the first time around or who are new followers.

6. Start Using Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to get your posts found by folks who are not yet following you. Now, you want to ensure your hashtags are relevant and not over-saturated.

There are tools you can use to help you identify which hashtags are overdone. For instance, on Instagram, you can type in a hashtag and it’ll tell you how many posts they’re on. Plus, it’ll give you suggestions.

Use this to find hashtags that are popular, but not overly used.

On Twitter, posts with hashtags are 33% more likely to be retweeted. So if you’re using them effectively, you can help more people find your posts and your profile.

7. Add New Content Regularly

There’s nothing worse than visiting a social profile business page that is old and stale. It is a wasted opportunity!

Making posts that start conversations is key to boosting engagement. One way you can do this is by regularly posting content.

If you have a blog, use this as your platform to entice your followers to visit your site. The idea is to create content with captivating headlines that promote conversation.

Be sure to check in on the comments to answer questions and engage with your followers.

It’s also important to develop a content calendar so you have a consistent flow of content to share with your audience.

Up Your Social Media Today

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to add a little oomph to your social media pages. With the right strategy and consistency, you can turn your profile into one that’s worth following.

Hopefully, these tips will help you do just that.

So get started reworking your profile and let us know in the comments how it all works out!

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Andy Steuer

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