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16 Best Content Marketing Tools for Marketers in 2023

Content marketing has seen an ever-growing demand in the industry. Here are some of the best content marketing tools in 2020 you should not be without.

More people are tuning in online and content marketers are scrambling for ways to deliver amid this change in consumer behavior. From planning, creating, distributing, sharing, and publishing content—a lot of work goes into the content marketing process.

Content marketers should constantly be seeking every possible way to make their work easier without sacrificing quality and credibility, and this is where content marketing tools come to their aid.

Is There a Need for Content Marketing Tools?

There has never been a more pressing need for content marketing tools.

These tools are crucial for the hurdles content writers experience in the conceptualization, promotion, optimization of their content. Luckily, many companies rose to meet the demand, and content marketers need not look further for solutions to their everyday problems. With these tools in hand, you can:

  • Create better content to entice and educate your leads and prospects on your offerings
  • Further gain and boost conversions with compelling content
  • Improve the relationships between you and your customers by establishing credibility and authority
  • Better understand your content marketing metrics (a.k.a. how your content is doing)

The massive content management tool solution wave, although exciting, has also left content marketers feeling somewhat overwhelmed and at a loss. The trial has become figuring out the best tools to utilize. There are plenty of tools to choose from that come in every conceivable type. You have got tools that are free, cheap, costly, premium, customizable, and more.

While you may on a first impulse believe that the more expensive ones are the way to go, you would be surprised to learn that several free ones give significant value. Because we know that finding the right tools to address your specific needs can feel daunting, this post aims to break through your confusion. We will collate the elite content marketing tools many experts swear by currently.

Leading Research Tools

The core of your content lies in its presentation and making sure you understand its value and impact. When you find yourself stuck in a rut for your next post or when you need to see how all your hard work measures up, you need the following tools in your arsenal:


Kicking off this list is one of the best tools around for creating marketing content. This content marketing tool is beneficial for writers and marketers alike.

Question DB helps you come up with ideas for your next blog topic and when used correctly, it is as easy as googling. Simply input a keyword or two, and it will provide a host of frequently asked questions in return.

For example, if you are in the beauty business, maybe you could start with product ingredients like “hyaluronic acid” or “niacinamide.” If you are in the health or food industry, you could try searching“keto” or “vegan” as your keywords. Question DB lets you know your audience’s problems, concerns, and interests. It will help you ease the common frustration of coming up with new content ideas.

Pricing: Free or $10 per month


Professional SEOs and content marketers need professional content marketing tools and BuzzSumo is one of them. This tool can micro-analyze content pages and help you with the following:

  • Topic research
  • Brand monitoring
  • Social measurement
  • Sentiment scoring
  • Identify some influencers you can look into collaborating with

These features will provide you with loads of valuable data to boost your business, such as determining which content creates impact and understanding how your brand ranks among your following.

Pricing: $79-$499 per month

Playbook Banner


The web world moves exceedingly fast, so you need online tools for content marketing that can help you to keep up. AllTop is one such tool and is unlike the traditional or conventional device you often come across in the market today.

AllTop acts as an interactive directory of the most popular blogs in about 50 different niches (like food, photography, SEO, etc.). It answers the question “What is happening?” for all the topics you might be interested in.

You can use this information to find blogs you can guest post on or learn about the hot and trending topics among leading bloggers across various industries. With AllTop’s Viral Feature, you are always in the loop on whichever viral content the world is currently going nuts for without it costing you a dime.

Pricing: Free

Co-Schedule’s Headline Analyzer

It is no secret that a compelling headline is what first captures a reader’s attention. And you know as well as we do that coming up with such a headline can be more tricky than writing the entire content body.

Meet Co-Schedule’s Headline Analyzer. This content marketing tool addresses the questions and concerns of creating headlines that assure more conversions to your site or blog.

With this simple and user-friendly software, you can now generate powerful headlines backed with the following valuable data:

  • Word balance: makes for a more captivating headline.
  • Sentiment: helps you determine the emotion your headline conveys.
  • Character and word count: optimizes the number of words to drive engagement and the number of characters for better SEO readability.
  • Headline type: capitalizes on headlines that generate conversions.
  • Skimmability: tells you if your headline is easily understandable at a glance.
  • Clarity: lets you know if you can further simplify your headline for easier reading.
  • Reading grade level: measures the readability of your headline.

Using this tool you no longer have to go through the confusion of deciding if your headline is as good as it should be just before publishing.

Pricing: Free


One good content marketing strategy is to research your competitor’s activities to help you plan your next move. SimilarWeb lets you do just that by giving analytics of your competitors’ websites.

You get to see several aspects, such as their monthly site traffic, visits, referrals, and even the keywords that enable them to rank higher on the top search engines. This platform offers you a free trial as well as custom, and premium packages.

Pricing: Free, Custom, and Premium Packages

Hemingway Editor

Any writer’s dream is to have a magical tool that automatically corrects their work. The Hemingway Editor grants this wish by reviewing your written content and providing you with suggestions to enhance your writing.

This software acts as your writing coach, virtually holding your hand as it guides you to writing crisp and more meaningful content your readers can readily appreciate and comprehend.

Pricing: Free or a $19.99 one-time payment (desktop version)


Should you require SEO-specific research on content research, web monitoring, backlink research, among others, then Ahrefs is sure to be your next favorite content marketing tracking tool. With it, you can easily take note of your (and your competitors’) keyword rankings, traffic, valuable website pages, and other SEO metrics.

SEO experts vouch for Ahrefs’ ability to aid in understanding SEO processes far more significantly. This might be especially helpful for those who are seriously considering entering the world of marketing and SEO for the first time.

Pricing: $7 for seven days trial, then a $99 or $179 package

Best Content Marketing Tools for Creating Content

One of the many secrets of a content marketing specialist’s strategy is found in the use of stunning visuals. While the written word provides your consumers with information, it is the images and videos that attract them to digest the details.

You do not need to be a creative artist to produce great visuals, either. All you need are these content marketing tools below:

Get marvelous and professionally-shot images for free from Pexels.

They have an entire collection of stock photos you can use to your heart’s content. Find the images you need in a breeze with the nifty search feature. It even helps you navigate through the gallery via the Explore feature to discover more amazing photos that you might not have otherwise found with the keywords you put in.

For example, if your content is all about the beautiful places to see when traveling in the Philippines, you can quickly get access to photos of beautiful beaches and scenic landscapes when you click on the “Travel the World” collection.

Pricing: Free


If you are searching for top free content marketing platforms for your visuals, then look no further. Beautiful and straightforward visual content has never been easier and more accessible than with Canva.

Canva creators designed this platform with people like you (and us) in mind. Nothing beats the seamless image editing features. Creating stunning posts and presentations becomes quick and easy with the tool’s intuitive drag and drop interface. It also presents you with beautiful, pre-packaged image templates you can use across popular mediums like Facebook or Instagram.

Pricing: Free or $12.95 per month


Living in the digital age has led to even busier lives. When typing emails or meeting online seem to take too much time, you can communicate faster and more efficiently with Loom.

This tool lets you record video messages on your screen or camera (or both) and create, edit, and share screen share videos all without having to switch apps or deal with arduous uploads.

Our brains process information faster with videos than text, so those in content management and marketing can take advantage of this fact by creating and embedding videos in Loom for effortless sharing. Its cool features such as My Videos Library, Animated GIF preview, Theater Mode, and Duplicate Videos let you communicate as efficiently and as expressively as you desire.

Pricing: Free or $8 per month


You may have heard of stock photos, but are you aware of stock videos, tracks, and tunes?

Mixkit offers a massive gallery of multiple video clips, music, and video templates from creators from all over the world! And the best part? It is free to use! You can search for what you are looking for easily, thanks to their organized categories, and new videos are added every week!

Pricing: Free


Your page or layout is not complete until you have run it through Kraken.

This content marketing tool is a plugin that automatically optimizes and compresses your images to help you to improve the user experience on your website. It also comes with best-in-class algorithms, so you save on precious bandwidth and storage space.

Pricing: $5-79 per month

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Top Content Marketing Tools For Managing Content

Content is meaningless without the proper distribution and while you may have flawless content, if you are not managing it correctly you are doing this content, and your company a disservice.

These content marketing tools will help you handle them like a pro:


Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter—there are so many social media channels that it is often challenging to stay on top of each one. Fortunately, online tools for content marketing like Buffer save the day!

This software allows you to write your usual posts but also assists you in posting them conveniently across the channels mentioned above. you can define the platform and time in order to maximize exposure. Choose when your target audience is most likely online to see them. You can also add, change, and delete posts and schedules as you deem necessary.

Buffer even goes the extra mile by showing you analytics that will help you understand which posts garnered the most attention, whether via clicks or retweets, or other types of engagement. There is no other scheduling tool that is quite reliable and easy to use. It can work on different browsers, too!

Pricing: $15-$199 per month


Even though Aweber is not the newest tool around, it is an online content marketing tool that remains relevant even today. This powerful yet simple email marketing software is designed to help businesses blossom.

Marketers who seek to build their brand image can embrace its fantastic features which include:

  • Automated and amazing-looking email templates
  • Drag and drop email and landing page designer
  • Prebuilt template library
  • Automated email sending and personalization
  • Pre-built campaigns
  • Latest email technology for added message interactions

You will also appreciate its ability to view and track data on your subscribers so you can manage your list better. Send targeted emails to your subscribers based on specific demographic preferences (i.e., location, preferences, and actions).

Pricing: $19-$149 per month


Writing professionals, students, and copywriters who deal with highly researched and data-driven content are sure to love Airstory.

This content marketing management tool helps you cite your research and information sources on your blogs, articles, and website content. Using it is as simple as dragging your notes onto your online page and then adding tags to categorize them accordingly. Do away with the constant revisiting of your research files and documents. Airstory makes writing research posts and online discussions so much faster and easier.

Pricing: Free


It is only natural to want your content to get the recognition it deserves. Reach your potential customers and boost your engagements by utilizing the software’s smartcards that allow personalization according to new user trends.

Outbrain has a unique Reach Estimator feature that will give you an estimate of your plausible viewership.

Pricing: Roughly $1 per click

Final Thoughts on Content Marketing Tools

The key to effective content marketing is to produce your content smartly.

Thanks to the online consumers’ growing demand for content, there are many more viable software solutions today that can help you meet your consumers’ wants. With these handy tools right at your fingertips, you can step up your content marketing game and usher in the coming years with ease.

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