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Crafting the Perfect Content Marketing Plan: How Frequently Should You Publish New Content?

Thinking you don’t have enough time to write and publish enough posts to your blog? The latest research shows that investing more time and money into content marketing versus outbound marketing gives you way more bang for your buck and generates more leads.

Content marketing helps you target your ideal customers, establish brand trust, boost customer loyalty and convert more sales. In this article, we’ll look at how often you should be publishing blog posts to hit the ROI “sweet spot” of content marketing. Plus, we’ll discuss ways you can get it done and stay on track with your publishing schedule.

How Often Should You Post?

The frequency of posting you need may be higher than you expected. Not every reader is interested in every piece of content, and the ideal content marketing plan targets multiple ideal customer “avatars” with slightly different content. For example, a security equipment e-commerce business might target small businesses owners and homeowners with different content. Even if there’s virtually no variation among the consumers you serve, it’s probably safe to say that not every blog post is for every member of your audience base. That’s why you need more content to make sure everyone’s getting something they need frequently enough not to lose touch with you.

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Publishing 2 to 3 times per week is the “sweet spot” because you’re not spoiling your audience with too much thrown at them at once, but you’re also putting enough out there to build customer loyalty and continually attract new leads.

Producing Posts In Batches

When you hear about having to publish 2 to 3 posts a week, the first thing that comes to mind may be: how can I possibly make it happen? You have a lot of time and energy going into other areas of your business, and probably even other areas of your content marketing strategy. However, consistently publishing several blog posts a month is possible when you batch-produce your blog posts and work with a team.

Creating blog posts in batches is like an assembly line for blog posts. It churns them out more quickly, saves you lots of time and ensures you always have something to publish on time. You can choose to produce blog posts in monthly, quarterly or even annual batches. Schedule time in your business calendar for this process. While it seems like it takes a lot of time, it saves you time in the long run by automating your blog post publishing the rest of the time. By having a concentrated effort on several posts at a time, you save time spent switching tasks and can get into a better work rhythm to churn them out.

The first step is to determine the topics you’ll do for the given time period. Then, either write or outsource the writing of these posts. Once you’ve got them done and edited, get them ready to go in your WordPress publisher and schedule them to post on their respective publishing days. If you like, you can outsource this step to a web manager or designer, or even to your blog post writer or editor.

Working With A Team

Speaking of outsourcing, a critical part of making 2 to 3 blog posts per week a part of your content marketing strategy is making it a team effort. Ideally, you want a writer, editor, and webmaster who can help you assemble all the moving parts. The best part is, you’re not limited by your geographic location. There’s no better time than now to take advantage of today’s “freelancer revolution” in which you can find any expert from virtually any country in the world to be on your team for a price that works for you.

Scheduling Your Posts

The time you post matters when it comes to generating the most traffic. Data analytics can help you determine the best times for your blog posts to go live. Make sure you’re tracking the engagement you’re getting for links posted to your top social media platforms. Certain analytics tools will tell you what times your links get the most traction. You can schedule your blog posts to publish automatically at the times proven to get you the most engagement each week. Try to schedule these times with somewhat even spacing between posts throughout the week.

Create a publishing calendar for your blog and mark the days and times you intend to post. Then assign each publishing time with a blog post title based on the batch you have. Try to plan out your blog calendar as far in advance as you can to allow for flexibility. Publishing consistently shows your audience you’re reliable and it goes a long way in building trust, as well as in building a loyal audience base that looks for your next piece of content when it’s due to come out.

Making the Most of Your Blog

What’s the point in having a blog as part of your content marketing strategy if you aren’t getting the most out of it? To maximize your ROI and use your blog to put yourself or your business on the map, you need to be publishing 2 to 3 blog posts a week. You’ll generate a consistent flow of traffic to your site and engage readers on a consistent basis so that your blog stays relevant and memorable to them. Plus, you’ll get lots of opportunities to educate your customer base on your products or services. Do this by sprinkling sales-driven posts throughout the multitude of value-driven content that only serves to help your audience.

With so much content, each post can link to other posts that are relevant, and you can improve your website’s search engine ranking through backlinking. Publishing consistently and frequently is the foundation of blogging that converts sales and grows your business.

Partner with WriteForMe to Achieve a Consistent Publishing Cadence

The content marketing experts at WriteForMe will work with you to achieve your publishing cadence goals. An important part of publishing articles to your blog is determining a cadence you can commit to being consistent with and aim to scale up and grow from there.

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Andy Steuer

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