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The Ultimate Guide on Hiring Writers for Your Business [How & Who to Hire When You Need a Writer]

Need a writer for your business? Learn the who and how of hiring writers, where to find them, and the going compensation rates.

Many business owners underestimate the power of blogs or other written content for their company’s success. Quality written content can supremely elevate your company’s marketing strategies—resulting in a valuable impact on your business goals.

Great content can also help to solidify customer relationships and drive ample traffic to your website. Content can also help to successfully establish your company presence in an oversaturated digital space. So you must have skilled writers to achieve this.

Businesses and consumers alike are veering away from traditional marketing methods, so producing content for the digital space has become a non-negotiable marketing practice.

However, most business owners don’t have the time or resources to produce content themselves. Therefore, outsourcing or hiring freelance writers to get the job done has become the norm. Working with skilled writers—who align with your business needs—is crucial. Committing the time and resources for hiring writers will significantly boost your content marketing efforts, and inevitably save you far more time and resources in the long term.

Quality content writing is grammatically correct, thought-provoking, engaging, and concise. Writing with intention helps to attract and retain a reader’s attention. That is why hiring writers who are fully in tune with your company’s voice is important to effectively communicate your marketing message to potential customers.

In this comprehensive guide, you will discover the types of content that will best benefit your company, as well as WHO and HOW (when hiring writers) to select the best-suited type of writers for your content marketing team.

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What Type of Written Content Do You Need?

There are several kinds of written content you can publish for marketing your business. Determining the type of content that will best serve your specific business needs and clientele can help streamline your content marketing strategy.

Here are the most commonly utilized types of content writing in the digital space:

Blog Content

Blogs are an excellent medium for adding content to your website. Writers can explore topics in your industry and business’s niche more deeply.

Blog posts are a content marketing staple, and writers need to be in touch with not only what may pique consumer interest, but also how the intended audience will best receive the information. This will help the writer craft content that will deeply resonate with your target audience and keep them coming back for more.

Depending on your brand voice, goals, and subject matter, blog posts can be written in a variety of ways. They are mostly conversational with an informal tone, with the writer subtly incorporating targeted keywords or phrases to optimize efforts for landing closer to the first page on a search engine results page (SERP).

SEO Content

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential part of every website’s overall marketing strategy because it helps a website rank higher on the SERP. A higher ranking means more visibility, which typically translates to more web traffic. SEO content is the foundation of an SEO strategy.

You need a writer who is skilled in producing SEO-friendly content. SEO-driven content includes keywords and key phrases that target consumers who are most likely to be searching for something specific. SEO content also incorporates SEO best writing practices like proper formatting to include headers and adding breaks in text such as quotes and high-quality images.

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SEO content can be complex and, at times, overwhelming. So, you need a writer who can seamlessly incorporate the best SEO practices while still making their written work entertaining. If done correctly, SEO content will help boost your website’s digital presence by helping it rank higher on the SERP and keeping people on your page for longer.

Technical Content

Technical content is one of the more difficult forms of writing, as it requires in-depth research and knowledge on the writer’s part. Technical writing dives beyond the abstract down into the core details of your business. It’s often seen in the form of white papers, e-books, case studies, and research.

Through technical writing, you can give your target customers a more holistic view of what your product or service can do for them. Technical pieces are the perfect medium to educate your customers, so long as you ensure the information is still easy to digest.

Social Media Captions

Social media platforms are an excellent strategy for connecting directly with your customers, as well as exercising your company voice.

In fact, 58.4% of the global population has at least one social media profile, which is over four billion people.

Additionally, most consumers use social media to research brands and their products and services. Social media captions must be catchy, relevant, and designed with the potential to go viral.

And the message must be modified according to the specific social media platform as each platform attracts a unique type of user. For example, LinkedIn posts require a more professional tone than the more casual vibe of Instagram posts.

Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are a great way for you to nurture your leads and build more personal relationships with your clients. They can also be used to provide loyal customers with additional value through special offers and discounts. Generally, emails are geared towards existing customers who want to see more of what you have to offer.

Oftentimes, marketers use emails as an opportunity to showcase their storytelling skills. Skilled writers can keep readers hooked from start to finish, and catch the recipient’s eye with a compelling email subject line.

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Different Types of Content Writers

Just as there are different types of written content in the digital space, there are also different types of content writers. It’s important for you to be familiar with the types of content writers because you need a writer who can help you achieve your business goals and one who is aligned with your business objectives. This may even mean working with a writer that specializes in writing a particular type of written content.

Here are some of the most common types of content writers:

Blog Content Writers

Blog writers produce high-quality articles that boost both your SEO and marketing strategies. They create either long-form or short-form articles that tackle a specific topic in your niche. For example, if you sell workout gear, a blog writer can write about the top ten exercises a customer can do with one of your products.

SEO-Driven Content Writers

SEO writers are well-versed in all SEO best practices. They cleverly construct content by incorporating keywords and key phrases into their written work, as well as ensure proper formatting. SEO writers are also skilled in conducting keyword research. This is the practice of determining high-performing keywords that will drive consumers to your website.

Technical Content Writers

Technical writers are often well-versed in specific topics enough to use technical terms while condensing them into easily digestible pieces of content. For example, if you run a manufacturing business, technical writers can get into the fundamentals of manufacturing and equipment features.

Social Media Caption Writers

Social media writers write content meant for use on social media platforms. While social media platforms are best for maximizing your brand’s reach, they are also heavily saturated with content from all sorts of brands and individuals. As such, social media writers need to craft copy that is both engaging and instantly attention-grabbing for them to stand out.

What Type of Writer Do You Need?

Knowing the type of writer to hire is crucial for your business’s success, and writer arrangements should be a considerable factor in determining the right writer for you.

Hiring copywriters for sales copy is much different than hiring content writers for blog content or social media captions.

Each of these arrangements comes with its own set of pros and cons. Remember, keep your specific business goals in mind. You need a writer who can best help you achieve them.

Sales Copywriters

Copywriters are predominantly focused on writing copy to drive sales. They know how to write sales copy that is action-oriented and concise. They often write web pages, landing pages, sales pages, and email sales letters. It’s copy for the sole intent of driving a sale.

In-House or Staff Writers

Hiring an in-house writer means including a writer in your team; they are often full-time, contracted employees. They will produce and publish content for you on a full-time basis, and their responsibilities can include helping you plan out your content strategy.

Some of the key advantages of having an in-house writer are having direct access to the writer, and the assurance that they possess a deep understanding of your brand. This means you can work closely with your writer, expect instant communication from them, and trust they already know how your business works inside and out.

Freelance or Sub-Contracted Writers

Working with a freelance writer is perhaps the most inexpensive option for hiring writers. If you need a writer who is flexible with your content demands and easy on your wallet, then a freelance writer may be your best bet.

Many freelancer writers in the market are skilled in writing on a variety of topics. Better yet, you can negotiate with them on the best price for both of you. Additionally, freelance writers are typically experienced in working with an array of companies simultaneously, so you can rest assured they will likely have great organizational and communication skills.

While freelance writers may be inexpensive and flexible, hiring writers still poses a few downsides. It can take a lot of time and effort to look for the right freelance writer for you. You may have to undergo extensive trial-and-error before eventually finding a writer that can effortlessly and effectively capture your company’s voice.

Additionally, receiving high-quality writing from freelance writers can be hit or miss. This is because they are often juggling multiple clients, and may need to prioritize other clients over you.


A ghostwriter is someone you hire to write for you and AS you with the intention of publishing the content under someone in your company’s name. The true author’s name is uncredited. And yes, hiring writers to ghostwrite is completely legal and ethical! Opting for a ghostwriter is not common with more personal story-style articles, but any type of written content can be ghostwritten.

Ghostwriters produce written content to then be published under someone else’s name. This means that they would not have any ownership over the content once it’s published, and all rights would belong to the client. Typically, public figures, celebrities, and CEOs hire ghostwriters so they can tend to other obligations while publishing quality content.

Agency Writers

If you are looking for an option that is both reliable and affordable, working with a content writing agency is for you. You need a writer who can easily familiarize themselves with your company identity and brand voice, and those under an agency can do that quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, content writing agencies offer other marketing-related services, making them more flexible and ready to cater to anything your brand may need. For example, if you need SEO and social media services, a quality agency can accommodate you with ease.

A content writing agency also puts you in touch with a pool of writers. This allows you to increase your volume of content, as more work can be dispersed between a wider set of writers. Ultimately outsourcing to a content marketing agency allows you to scale your marketing efforts for business growth to occur. You will also gain access to writers with different specializations, which means you can curate more content tailored for specific purposes.

The best way to foster a good relationship with your content agency is to be crystal clear on your content needs and business goals. Content production requires a systematized process to be successful. Agencies strive to meet deadlines, but top-tier quality content takes time so managing your expectations is a crucial part of their job as well.

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Compensation Rates to Consider When Hiring Writers

As with any position, there are different types of compensation for hiring writers. Compensation often depends on the type of writing they do, the writing arrangement, and the output required.

Some writers charge per word, while others charge by the project, or by the hour. Regardless of the type of writing, knowing what writers typically earn can help you adjust your expectations and pricing.

The following are some of the most common types of writer compensation:

Salary-Based or Retainer

Hiring an in-house writer is a good option if you have sufficient resources. However, it also has a few drawbacks. An in-house writer is expensive because their pay rate and employee benefits typically reflect that of a full-time employee. You also run the risk of overwhelming them with work if you have many content demands and only one writer on staff. They might feel pulled in too many directions and become overwhelmed.

It is important to remember that content writing is a creative process, and it cannot be rushed or forced. Multiple writers are often needed to ensure that you are consistently publishing quality content. A diverse full-time, in-house team of writers is both wonderful and costly.

Per Word

A per-word rate is based on the writer’s skill level, experience, and subject matter expertise. Writers generally receive between $0.05 to $1 per word, depending on the length and complexity of the task.

For example, per-word rates increase in the realm of journalism assignments, as they require a high level of expertise and resource gathering. If you’re in the market, the benchmark for decent print journalism is $1 per word.

When asked how many words a project requires, a freelance writer can estimate an hourly rate or quote a per-word rate. The total rates will change as you select different lengths and types of writing needed.

Per Hour

Most writers make between $30 to $45 per hour, but rates can vary based on different factors. Writers usually take into consideration their experience level, client relationship, and the type of content required.

In addition to per-hour pay, companies also consider the quality of the content that writers produce. Paying writers based on efficiency and quantity of writing is not always an appropriate approach. Experienced writers can produce high-quality content in less time, and should be paid accordingly, not penalized for speed.

Flat Rate Per Article

Flat rate per article compensation type is the most popular with freelance writers. This type of compensation allows writers to calculate the rate based on the word count of the article and the time needed for research. Depending on the subject matter and article length, writers can charge anywhere from $50 to $300 and up for a 1000-word article.

Generally, ghostwritten projects have much higher flat rates. Though ghostwriting articles helps writers gain authority in your industry (which can lead to future work), you still enjoy the benefits of total ownership of the content without the writer getting public credit. Therefore, writers typically expect higher compensation for ghostwriting.

Another benefit of using the flat rate per article writer compensation type is that it rewards efficiency and quality. It also allows writers to charge more than the average hourly rate. Furthermore, writers can charge more than hourly rates if they are good at making the most out of the words they write.

Per Project or Campaign

Some writers can tailor a package deal. This may include writing a set number of blog posts, social media captions, white papers, and other types of written content for your business.

The package rate is generally agreed upon before the writer takes on the project, but additional charges may apply if you end up wanting more work.

Each project is typically time-bound as well. Before setting the price per project, writers will consider the type of writing they do and how many hours a project will require. Once they have an idea of how many hours each project will require, they will price themselves accordingly. By investing in the right writer, businesses can benefit from reduced costs while still providing quality content. Similarly, writers can charge more for their services as their experience grows.

Where To Find Writers? Sources for Hiring Writers

There are many online job marketplaces for hiring writers—also known as freelancer platforms—that can connect your business to freelancers, content writing agencies, and writers-for-hire. The most popular platforms to find writers are Freelancer.com, PeoplePerHour, Upwork, and Fiverr.

To find a writer on these platforms, you need to post a job offer detailing the scope of work and how much you are willing to pay. Then, as you receive bids from different writers, you can ask them for sample works, client referrals, or trial tasks to get a better idea of their skill levels.

As intriguing as it may seem to recruit writers online, it also requires a considerable amount of time and resources. If you need an exceptional writer fast, your best bet is to work with a content writing agency. They are highly skilled in both content writing and marketing as a whole, and can instantly connect you to a pool of talented writers.

Need Help Hiring Writers? Partner with WriteForMe

In today’s fast-paced digital world, businesses must consistently produce top-quality content to connect with prospective customers.

Working with a content writing agency is the most seamless way to achieve your content marketing goals. With a content writing agency, you can work with experienced writers—each with unique specializations and superior skill levels—while also benefitting from a team of content marketing experts.

For high-quality content, choose WriteForMe instead of going through the hassle of sourcing and hiring writers all by yourself. WriteForMe offers content writing services, content strategy planning services, SEO services, social media management services, and so much more. With our pool of qualified writers, you can rest assured that your business will produce top-notch, timely content to boost your website’s digital presence.

Contact WriteForMe today to learn how you can elevate your content marketing strategy without hiring writers all on your own.

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