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How Content Creators and Social Media Managers Can Work Together

Let’s talk teamwork.

No matter if it’s an office setting or a freelance team some content creators are already skilled at navigating their way around social media and vice versa.

But for most, just because they create the work, does not mean they are experts at sharing the work. Each is an art form. This is where the industry match of content creators and social media managers can blend together nicely.

Content creators come in many different forms, but here we focus on the most prolific industry professionals: photographers, writers, graphic designers, and multimedia specialists. Each piece of social content you see was created by someone and here at WriteForMe we respect each of their crafts.

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Content Creators: Photographers

There’s a very good reason why Instagram has become as widespread as it is today with over 1 Billion users. That is Billion with a B! We’re a culture that’s obsessed with images and aesthetics, and this app allowed users to easily create their own stylized and well-crafted photos. However, a good photographer is still (if not more) in high-demand.

Good visual content is a must-have for all types of businesses. Using an original photograph of a product or workplace is one of a company’s best chances to showcase their brand’s unique personality. When you add professional photos with a polished image of the owner and employees you allow customers to put a welcoming face along with the business.

When working with the social media team, it’s important for the photographer to make sure that their images are all set at the right sizes before they’re finally uploaded. A general easy size for both Instagram and Facebook photos is 800×800 pixels. It’s also a good idea to discuss with the team how much photoshop should be done. While many brands still rely on image editing, photoshop, and filters more and more are doing away with this in an effort to be more socially conscious.

Content creators and social media managers

Content Creators: Writers

While good images draw consumers in, quality content writing keeps them hooked for longer. Aside from being informative, it carries on the tone that businesses hope to set. Whether they hope to attract more straight-laced clientele, single twenty-to-thirty-somethings, or families with young children, a business chooses their language and punctuation accordingly for all of their marketing material. The simpler the language they use, the larger the audience they’re hoping to attract.

When working in social media, especially with an experienced team, writers are often encouraged to do more with less. They do have a lot of extra room when it comes to Facebook and Instagram, but Twitter’s 280-character limit can be a bit of a challenge to some.

Marketing experts agree that shorter sentences with simpler language give the best overall results. It’s also very tempting to throw in some modern slang in an effort to attract younger followers, but this just comes off as cringy and desperate. Unless the company’s core base is between the ages of 15 and 25, keep the yeets, stans, and big moods out of social media. And even then, it’s better to only use these words occasionally or they’ll get worn out really fast.

Content Creators: Graphic Designers

All types of businesses rely on graphic designers in one way or another. They create their individual logo, create eye-catching websites, and set the tone for the business atmosphere. Basically, their work is what gives each brand their own separate identity and aesthetic even before consumers get to experience the product or service. And, like writing, they’re specifically chosen to attract the company’s ideal targets. Bright colors and big, bold fonts are great for family businesses, while deeper or neutral tones and more stylized fonts attract adults.

It’s a good idea for graphic designers to be mindful of their designs and how they’ll be viewed online. The amount of detail that’s put into an image may not be shown as clearly on a smartphone as it would on a laptop or desktop. Any good social media team will say that the simplest designs often have the biggest overall impact. As with photographers, they should also make sure that their work is sized correctly for social networking sites sharing to ensure the clearest image possible.

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Content Creators: Multimedia Specialists

Between commercials, interviews, tutorials, and simple behind-the-scenes footage, more and more companies are integrating videos into their marketing. The reason why Youtube became so popular in the first place is that much of its content felt down-to-earth and relatable. This, of course, evolved into a new form of content creation and marketing that brands now rely on so heavily. Even something as basic as Snapchat or Instagram stories can have a huge impact on your online following and overall business.

As with writers, videographers are often encouraged to do more with less. YouTube does allow a maximum running time of 15 minutes to those who aren’t paid partners, which is still more than enough for most businesses. Instagram videos, on the other hand, are limited to only one minute. For those projects where they have to make every second count, they’ll need a great group of experts.

When they meet with their team they can discuss the vibe that they’re going for, whether it’s casual or more on the polished side. They can then list out all of the important bits of information that they hope to cover in said video and check off what can and cannot be cut out. From there, they’ll work together to create a general outline and script, film the project, and edit it according to social media standards.

All the above types of content and social media goes hand in hand. So don’t let myths and team bypasses harm your winning marketing strategy. Get your social media and content team together and start producing great shareable content today! Our contact our team at WriteForMe at [email protected] and get a team of content writers who will work with your team to produce fresh high quality content to boost your marketing efforts as you scale!

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