Create Interest in Products with Content Marketing

How To Quickly Create More Interest In Your Products With Content Marketing

Let’s pretend this is the first article you have ever read on how to create more interest in your products.

We would define content marketing in today’s’ environment, tell you tried and true methods, and perhaps give you a new direction to aim for. You would read through our list and nod your head in agreement, mentally checking off the few that you have ‘tried’, glaze over a few that look ‘generic’ and then take a few notes on some that look ‘good’- hey, you might even try that this time!

In present times, over 627,000 new businesses open each year, according to SBA estimates. Every single one of these energetic ideas is now competing with all established businesses to date – simply overnight.

By now you must be wondering How? The trick, if you ask, is all in the details of content marketing!

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To promote your product online, contact with your audience is imperative. The ability to market your content is abundant, the ease in which to do it can be done by pushing a few buttons, but the time it takes to create all of the moving pieces is where most get stressed.

What Type of Content Works?

Anything that you produce to share with your audience. Content can be: Text, Images, How-To Videos, Articles, Infographics, Slogans, Testimonials, Scripts, Short Videos that disappear after 25 hours, Evergreen blog posts, the list goes go on and on.  Marketing it is simply the act of sharing your content to your chosen platform.

Your job is to create content that your ideal buyer can relate to and put it out to places like your website blog and social media.

6 Ways To Quickly Create More Interest In Your Products With Content Marketing:

Different content to market each product

Write To Your Current Customer

Your current customers are a gold mine of information. Current customers, both real and who you wish them to be in the future, are who your content should be created for. Use their voice. If you have a selling product on the market, take the time to collect feedback (the good and the not-so-good) and start using their exact words in your text. Use their pain points, use their location, use images that they will relate to. Think of this as insight into your future and go for it.  

Use The Language Of Benefits

A benefit is how the product makes their lives easier. Humans like to know what is in it for them. When marketing this content, keep your list short and sweet. Give no more than 5 benefits at a time. Your benefits section plays a huge role in how others view your product because they are looking to you to help them. Try and make your benefits measurable. For example, it can solve X in X number of days. Also, you absolutely must market your competitive advantages. These will help you shine if your industry is saturated with similar products. Think about when you are shopping on Amazon: you read the reviews and you want to read Why this product is going to make their lives easier/save them time/make them more money/help them lose weight etc.

Highlight Customer Testimonials

One-hundred percent of people who purchase a product read testimonials before hitting that buy button. Think of where you read reviews:  On Google Ratings, On Websites, On Facebook, On Yelp, On Amazon. When you are creating a piece of content added in the worlds of past customer feedback. Curious buyers will seek out testimonials, why not present them in your marketing for them to help with the sale, and to cut their search time in half. They have the power to build immediate relationships, position you as an expert, gain loyalty, and make the sale. Pretty good right?

Highlight unique content

Hire A Dedicated Content Creation Team

The importance of a dedicated team to create your content is one of the best things you can spend your marketing money on. In fact, it is how our company got started. All of our co-founders come from a long history of marketing. We all know the struggle of content creation. It is a lengthy process, one that takes planning, dedication, skill, and most of all: time. At WriteForMe we focus on longer format content creation, like writing your articles and blog posts. Each piece can, and should, be used as a stand-alone concept, and broken up into smaller content pieces as we mentioned above. Your company’s success hinges upon your content, we want to make that a reality for you. Hiring a dedicated content creation team quickly creates more interest in your products.

When you choose to hire an outside content team you get access to someone who can see your products objectively. Have you ever heard someone say: you are too close to the project? This is when you have so much focus on this one thing, and passionate or not, you can’t see what others see because you’re too focused. A content team can give you a fresh perspective which blends nicely with your knowledge.

Encourage Consistency

Who posts your content? Your internal marketing team, your admin, your sales staff, that already has too much to do? We recommend posting at least 2 long-format content pieces to your blog each week. As well as a constant stream of content to your social media platforms. Your marketing strategy can be fun. Let creativity shine through. One way we like to encourage consistency is by writing out a month of headlines for everyone to see in advance. This eases the burden of what you are going to market and puts everyone in one common direction. When you have an outline of what is to come, it makes consistency much easier because there is a shared vision and excitement to make it work.

Share Your Journey

An often-overlooked way to increase interest in your product is by sharing your journey. It is your company exists. It’s why you had the idea to create your product in the first place. Did you start with a drawing on a bar napkin and turn it into a full-fledged invention? Show it off! Humans enjoy stories because we can all relate to struggles, and positive outcome from hard work paying off.

If you find value in the points shared above, start promoting your products on your content platforms today! Reach out to us if you have any queries or face any issues regarding what content should you post at [email protected] or share your feedback in the comments section below!

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Andy Steuer

Andy Steuer

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