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Blogging Trends to Ask Your SEO Content Writing Service About in 2023!

A reputable SEO content writing service can help you develop a blog filled with value-packed content and so much more. Ask your SEO content writing service about these 2023 blog trends!

Websites that have introduced blogs into their content marketing strategy have seen impressive growth in their traffic and lead generation. They have also seen benefits to their SEO.

Having an optimized blog can majorly boost a website’s ranking. This is because search algorithms such as Google prioritize websites with higher indexed pages and links. Blogging makes up for 434% more indexed pages and 97% more indexed links and contributes to search engine optimization. So, how do you optimize your blog so that it can benefit from SEO and keep your audience interested?

We think these 2023 blog trends could be the solution to making your website excel:

  1. Impressive Visuals & Multimedia
  2. Social Media & Influencer Promotion
  3. Guest Posting & Cross Promotion
  4. Long-Form & Evergreen Content

Let’s dive into each trend and explore how it can be implemented.

Turning up the Volume on Impressive Visuals and Multimedia in Posts

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Photos, videos, and infographics are all amazing ways to communicate complex information quickly. They can also boost engagement, dwell time, and the SEO performance of the page if used correctly.

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But—how is this achieved?

To start, adding descriptive filenames and researched alt tags on images will help categorize media in search engines and boost page traffic.

In addition, when uploading embedded videos, keywords should be researched and used properly (in the description and tags). This way, search engines can get the media to the audience in the search engine and drive traffic to the website. As viewers watch embedded content on your site, the bounce rate will shrink and SEO performance gets a boost.

While search optimization will help your site long-term, how else can you drive traffic to your content now that you’ve optimized it?

Promoting Your Blog With Social Media or Influencers

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Bloggers should make it a goal to be best friends with the influencers in their target market.

Influencers have curated an audience surrounding different niches. If one of those niches happens to have your ideal clients in it, you’re in business. This methodology is supported by about 92% of marketers.

Influencers build and maintain audiences with emotional attachments to their respective niches. They are a face that an audience can relate to and see themselves in, and this makes them powerful assets for marketers to work with.

It has never been easier to promote your blog with the help of influencers. Applications like TikTok and Instagram have developed interfaces that connect brands and influencers so they can communicate. Make sure to find an influencer who reflects and boosts your brand image, though, or you could be in for a loss on your investment.

When you find an influencer who will promote your brand image well, have them use hashtags and keywords in their posts which you’ve also implemented into your blog. This boosts your site’s SEO performance over time and ranks your blog in search engines along with the influencer’s posts.

Cross-Promoting Through Guest Posting

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Some writers run their own blogs, and similar to promoting through influencers, you can also have popular bloggers write for your blog as a guest!

Inviting guests to write for your blog allows your brand to generate new content, organically tap into a new audience, and increase the site’s backlinks for SEO performance.

The most important part of a successful guest posting experience is choosing the right guest. Similar to selecting influencers to promote your blog, you also need to be selective in who you choose to write for your blog. If the content doesn’t fit, you shouldn’t run it, as it could throw off your brand image.

When the content does fit, however, the relationship can bloom and benefit both parties equally as much. The guest’s audience can migrate to your platform for the guest’s work and simultaneously, your audience will get new, interesting content.

Finding a writer who can create content that stands the test of time is the ultimate investment for your content marketing strategy.

Focusing on Long-Form Evergreen Content


In 2023, your business should be focused on introducing evergreen content to its content management strategy.

This is the type of content people will search for over long periods and is content that can always gain traction. Great evergreen content answers questions people may have both now and in the future. Focusing your blog to accommodate this type of content will help its SEO performance long-term.

A few types of evergreen content you can try are:

  • Product reviews
  • Tutorials
  • Original research

Think about what content will remain relevant for the next few years and lean into it, especially if it addresses the pain points your clients incur.

Search engines also favor long-form content, so when you write your evergreen content for your blog, make sure to extend your word count. Blogs with 1000 words or more get 56% more social shares and generate 77% more backlinks, so it is well worth the added effort.

Adding more words also provides you with the opportunity to add more value to your content. If you do it well, you can also incorporate more keywords to expand your SEO reach.

Partner with WriteForMe for SEO Content Writing Service

Introducing a blog into your content marketing strategy doesn’t have to be scary. By following these trends, you can launch a blog and populate it with value-packed, SEO-optimized content in no time.

However, you can also choose to have WriteForMe do it for you!

We are an SEO content writing service with expert writers who develop best-practice articles. The content WriteForMe provides is designed to reach your ideal audience and resonate with them.

Our process is here to bring you and your audience the most value while being the best SEO content writing service possible. If you need more ideas or want help from our experts, contact our team at WriteForMe for a free content marketing playbook to help you get started today!

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