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Six Big Mistakes to Avoid in Corporate Blogging

It sounds easy.  Sit down and write interesting things about your business, your products or services, or common customer questions. In actuality, writing compelling blog content that will get read and help drive traffic to your website is not so easy.

You need to publish high-quality content that targets the key things your customers are looking for.  You need to do it consistently with a strategic plan for content and promotion.

Here are the six most common mistakes businesses make when it comes to corporate blogging.

Mistake # 1:  Lack Of Consistency

Blogging whenever the mood strikes you or when you have time won’t get the job done.  You need to produce high-quality content on a consistent basis in order to establish yourself.

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If someone visits your blog and finds the content valuable, they are more likely to return and read more of your content.  If they find stale content, they won’t return. If they are looking to you for expertise and they can’t find it, they will likely seek it out from one of your competitors.

Mistake # 2:  Lack Of Planning

It’s important to have a clear editorial calendar to keep on track.  In addition to providing deadlines for posting content, it is also a way to tie content into relevant events.  Instead of randomly posting content, taking the time to develop an editorial calendar makes sure that will touch on the things that address your customer’s needs.

It is also a way to create content that ties into significant events, such as holidays or seasons.  An editorial calendar can help integrate your marketing efforts by making sure you have consistent themes across your various marketing campaigns.  

Mistake # 3:  Lack Of Focus

You are always better going deep on subjects rather than wide.  No matter what you blog about, there is plenty of information already available online.  Most of the content only scratches the surface. By sticking to a niche and providing depth, you can set yourself apart and rank higher on searches for specific things.

Let’s say you are in the office machine business.  Searching online for information on how to pick the right copy machine will net you 194 million results.  It can be tough to compete. A blog post about artificial intelligence or voice recognition in copy machines, by comparison, has far less competition.  In addition, a series of blog posts that go deep in your niche will help add up to expert stats when someone reads them.

Mistake # 4:  Lack of Quality

In addition to creating content with a narrow focus, it’s important to create quality content.  Generally, long-form content is regarded as more in-depth. Even if those reading your content never get to the end, longer posts give the impression of quality.  If you’re able to write that much about one subject, you must really know what you are talking about.

It’s not just about creating an impression, however.  Search engines regard long-form content as providing more information for searchers.  A study analyzing more than 20,000 keywords revealed that the average length for content ranking in the top 10 results exceeded 2,000 words.

Use your advertising to sell your products or services.  Use your blog to create valuable content that provides insight or knowledge.  You will be giving away your expertise for free, but avoid the temptation to litter your blog posts with too much selling.  It’s a good idea to provide a call to action for readers and a way to contact you to get more information, but if it reads like a sales piece, you will turn readers off and they won’t return.

Mistake # 5:  Lack of Promotion

Now that you have spent the time to create valuable content for your customers (and potential customers), you need to make sure the right people know about it.  While the goal is to create content that will rank high organically when people search, you also need to promote the content. Using your social media assets, email lists, direct mail, or any variety of marketing campaigns, you can promote your expertise.

Mistake #6:  Lack of Attention to SEO

Many business leaders have great ideas and can produce great content.  However, taking the time to make sure you are covering the bases with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) when creating content can help broaden your reach. By seeding your blog posts with the right things to attract the interest of search engines, you can help content rank higher.

It starts with setting up your corporate blog properly.  Some search engines regard subdomains as separate websites.  If your corporate website is “,” the subdomain “” might be seen as a separate site.  That means your blog will have to fight to get authority on its own. Setting up your blog as “” will let search engines see it as part of your current domain.  This means trading on the authority and traffic on your main website, which will help propel your content higher in a search. Conversely, any extra traffic you bring to your blog will help with your main site as well.

Identifying the right keywords and incorporating them into your blog posts will also help.  By finding the key terms that people use when they are searching for content in your niche and using them strategically, your content is more likely to grow organically.  Google provides a free tool to look for Keywords to use in advertising, but it works for content as well.

Keywords are critical.  You may use terms in your industry that are different than the way people search.  Sprinkling in the words people use when they search increases your odds of being found.  To get an idea of how this works, you can type a word or phrase into Google’s website and scroll down to the bottom of the page.  They will list “related terms.” It’s easy to do keyword searches, but there is an art to it. To do it well, you may want to involve someone that is expert in this area.

Creating Consistent, Quality Content

Creating consistent, quality content that will get attention and draw people to your company takes work.  It’s not enough to write good stuff. You have to do it the right way. Consider working with experts to make sure the effort you are putting into your corporate blog will pay off.

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