Why Blogs are important for business

Why Blogs Are Important For Your Business

As a business, no matter what product or service you sell – a blog can be a crucial aspect of your content marketing efforts.

A business blog is yours. It is a channel you own, dictate, and control; meaning it only tells the stories you want it to tell. Blogs can always be free to set up and use and they help you stand out in a large sea of businesses. Why not take advantage of what can be such a powerful tool?

The key to successful blogging and content marketing efforts is consistent, relevant, and high-quality content. Did you know that you have over a 440% chance of getting ranked by Google when you blog!? Wow is right!  That means blogging is what gets you shown to people in search results. That also means it is a must-do. Blogging has incredible power. Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why it is important to have a blog for your business.

Develop Your Community

A consistent well-planned blog will express who you are as a brand and even helps identify who your audience is. When your audience is engaged and enjoys the conversations developing on your blog, they are bound to engage (eventually), most commonly through comments. A well-developed comments section encourages sharing and collaboration. As a business, if you participate in these conversations, you continue to curate the community you want while also giving yourself credibility by speaking directly to your audience.

A well-established loyal community is a golden ticket for any business. Your community will stick with you as you evolve and change. The more you engage and interact with your community, the more loyal they become. Keep them top of mind as you create hero content and engage your audience.

Increase Web Traffic

This type of content can drive more traffic to your website and ultimately drive sales. A blog puts new and relevant content on your website, which in turn drives more clicks and engagements. Bonus points if your blog is full of shareable content people love to read!

Remember that stat from above? SEO can be a powerful way to attract readers to your business through your blog. SEO helps your content get promoted to higher visibility within organic search results. Use your blog to discuss different aspects of your business to pull people into your blog and expose them to your product, service, or brand. Here at WriteForMe, we recommend starting (or refreshing) your blog with around 3-5 key category topics, as well as post to your blog 2x per week to get those SEO rankings.

Social Media Examiner shows us that over half of all marketers say ‘original written content’ is the most important type of content. Content outdoes images, videos and infographics. Although they are all important, content is… you guessed it: King!

Content is king

Be More Than a Business

Your business blog – a controlled space on your website is a place for you to be authentic and relate to your audience is where you get to be more than a business. Use your blog as a place to pull back the curtain and engage your audience as a person (or people), not a business. This interaction will go further than you think every time; the relationships you form with people through your blog will translate to the relationship they have with your brand, service or product.

A business blog is a change for you to satisfy. You can satisfy a current client, letting them know that they did and continue to, make the right choice by partnering with you. You can satisfy a potential client by showing them how they will benefit from your business, and that you if you care this much about your blog, then they must care about their business, and so do you.

Establish Yourself As An Industry Expert

On your blog, you have the ability to showcase what you know and what you do well. Showcase yourself as the expert, always. The credibility and information you offer will create a lasting impact. The more you do this, the more your audience will come to trust your expertise and look to you for answers. Your blog can showcase tools and resources you know they will need and want to read about on a regular basis.

Target Potential Clients

A blog is a way to engage your existing audience, but can also be a great way to access a potential new client. You don’t need to use your blog to sell or promote specific aspects of your business, but you can use it to passively plug and explain why your services are beneficial.

Targeting potential clients goes hand in hand with establishing yourself as an industry expert. You can effortlessly emphasize the services you provide, what your ideal audience is experiencing, and also get your name in front of clients who are considering purchasing. A blog can be a great last touch point that showcases your work and is the decision maker for your client.

So Do You Need A Business Blog?

Yes! Blogs are a crucial aspect of your business. A consistent and high quality blog paired with purposeful social media efforts can go a long way in creating a sustainable and profitable marketing strategy. A blog is the perfect place to showcase the authenticity and value of your brand and form effective relationships with any current or potential client.

So don’t lose out on your most powerful business weapon – Content!. Start blogging today. You can reach out to us in the comments section below if you need help with the latest blogging tips. Or, just let us know your thoughts on the article. We would love to discuss more content marketing and blogging hacks with you!

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