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3 Key Benefits of Partnering with a Content Management Company [vs. Hiring Independent Freelance Content Writers]

Working with a content management company provides you with advanced benefits that an independent freelance content writer operating alone cannot. Find out more about these benefits.

Finding the right freelance content writer can be an endless feat.

They often have multiple projects going on at any one time. They may also be difficult to manage due to time zone differences and it’s common to receive inconsistent quality from writers tackling multiple verticals.

One of the biggest challenges of hiring a writer versus a team is that there is usually no editor when this happens, which leads to unpolished or poorly structured content. Skilled editors are a key component of the content production cycle. They bring an often much-needed objective viewpoint to the table to help polish the content for readability.

content management team
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So businesses must keep in mind they may require more advanced content production management skills to achieve their overall content marketing goals.

Unlike hiring a writer, a content team helps to turn your content marketing efforts into a production assembly line where a piece of content runs through a structured process from ideation to production to editing to publishing. An individual will be forever challenged by trying to do all of this and also be creative and articulate while trying to adhere to a regular publishing schedule.

A content management company offers a full staff of employees who are able to manage the content production cycle end-to-end; including strategy, researching, writing, editing, image sourcing, optimization, publishing, and distribution.

Having access to these resources means there are less likely to be information gaps in your blog content. No more scrambling trying to find an available writer to fit the deadlines for your publishing schedule.

Here we review all the benefits that come with using a content management company versus hiring independent freelance content writers, which includes developing a comprehensive content strategy and the consistent creation of high-quality content.


A content marketing strategy is a long-term plan for how you create, distribute, and measure content across all your online channels. The goal is to provide valuable information to your target audience and generate new business leads through a variety of channels.

The most popular channels for posting written content are blogs and social media.


A blog (a term coined from joining words, web-log) allows users to read articles written by experts within their industry directly on their website.

Blogs often contain useful tips and advice which help readers improve their business. Creating your own blog section on your company's website establishes a hub for information sharing. It also helps build trust among customers because they know where to go when they want to learn more about your products and services.

Some examples of popular blogs include Entrepreneur Magazine’s Small Business Trends and Forbes’ Forbes Small Biz Daily.

Social Media

Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, LinkedIn profiles, and Instagram feeds allow consumers to interact directly with brands.

Social media platforms give businesses another way to share information and connect with their potential customers. Having a social media presence online gives credibility to your brand and increases awareness.

1. Content Strategy Development


Content Marketing Plan from Hubspot

With a content management company comes a team of content experts working together to develop a complete content strategy, which typically includes:

  • Researching topics relevant to your business
  • Integrating your business goals
  • Understanding the content strategy of your competitors
  • Creating a robust SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy
  • Utilizing expert knowledge in content creation and content marketing efforts

Additionally, quality content management companies will provide you with a content strategy playbook. Based on comprehensive research of your content needs, this will serve as a roadmap for your content strategy moving forward. Ideally, this should be provided upfront giving you confidence in your chosen content management company.

This is a sharp contrast from the services provided by a freelance content writer. When working with a freelance content writer, you will be responsible for creating your own content strategy and doing much if not all of the research yourself. As well as posting the content created by the freelancer to your site and social media will be your responsibility. Of course, that is only if that content is up to your standards. If it is not, you or someone on your team will be tasked with doing multiple rounds of edits. And not to mention formatting, image sourcing, syndication, and content repurposing.

The list goes on and on for all the services a content management company provides its clients.

2. Consistent Content Delivery


Partnering with a content management company allows for consistent, high-quality content creation. Content production usually follows this basic high-level routine:

  • Research on topics identified in the content strategy
  • Writing articles based on those findings
  • Editing each piece before publishing
  • Posting all pieces to social media channels

This process ensures you get quality content every time. It also allows you to focus on other aspects of running your business while having your content created by professionals.

Freelance writers are rarely engaged in all of these steps. Instead, they are simply responsible for generating a piece of content and submitting it to you for review. You then have to do everything else involved in managing your online presence including research, editing, scheduling posts, responding to comments, etc.

If you choose to work with a freelance writer, there is no guarantee that he or she will deliver what was promised. In fact, it is common for businesses who hire freelance writers to end up paying double for a final draft—once for writing the article and then again for editing it to prepare for publication. That’s a lot of unnecessary spending!

Also, with hiring freelance writers comes the risk of the writer disappearing! Indeed, it isn't uncommon for a hired freelance content writer to disappear without notice leaving clients scrambling to find a new content writer on the fly. This is essentially unheard of with content management companies. Contracts and protecting company reputation help prevent this.


Consistent content creation is the bedrock of an effective content marketing strategy.

With a content management company comes consistency across platforms. A good content management company has a solid understanding of how each different type of content performs best at various stages of the buying cycle. They can create content calendars that outline when certain types of content need to go live and schedule for publishing accordingly.

A content calendar helps keep everyone on track. The content strategist creates a schedule outlining which days and times specific types of content must be published.

Additionally, working with a content management company allows for:

  • Accessibility from anywhere; no matter where you live, you’ll always have access to their services
  • Flexible scheduling options
  • You don't have to worry about missing deadlines because they're already set up
content marketing calendar
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3. Creating High-Value Expert Content

While there are many freelance writers who are experts in any given subject, they may be difficult and expensive to retain. This can lead to inconsistent results when trying to create content.

A good content management company has an entire staff dedicated to producing top-notch content. They know how to write compelling copy, use keywords effectively, and understand how search engines like Google rank websites and other SEO tools. These skills allow them to produce consistently excellent content.

In addition to being able to generate great content quickly, a content management company will also help you develop and maintain a strong brand identity through consistent high-quality content.


Expert content can be defined as material created by a subject matter expert but when it comes to content marketing, there is more to it than that. Expert content is content that provides more than just a simple and superficial look at a given topic.

Here are the four key components of expert content:


Expert content should show depth and breadth of knowledge on a given subject. This means providing general information that appeals to a wider readership as well as in-depth information. Depending on the subject that might mean statistics, analysis, or insider tips.


Content that provides insight on a topic is essential for getting readers to actually stay on a page and read your content. If a piece of content is too general and does not offer solutions, readers will quickly look elsewhere.


The content you produce must be relevant to your audience. Therefore, it is essential you know who your audience is. A content management company can help you identify your audience and craft content around this readership. Also, different types of content might appeal to different segments of your audience.


Expert writers and editors will be able to ensure that your content is easy for your readers to read. This will depend on the audience and the technical aspects of writing. Publishing poorly researched or written articles can hurt your brand reputation.

content marketing team
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How to Choose: Content Management Company vs Freelance Writer

Content Management Company

Content teams work together to create well-researched, written, and edited pieces of expert content. These teams consist of content managers, researchers, expert writers including subject matter experts, and experienced editors. Each member contributes his or her own unique skill sets to make sure every piece of content meets its goals.

The end result is a cohesive team that produces quality content efficiently. It's not uncommon for companies to spend thousands of dollars per month hiring freelancers only to find out later that they didn't really get value for their investment. By contrast, a content marketing agency works as part of a larger organization. Their goal isn't just to provide one service but rather to offer complete end-to-end solutions for clients' needs.

Instead of the inconsistent results from freelance writer-generated content, the type of content created by the team at a content management company will be consistent and help bolster your company's image. This leads to increased confidence in your brand from existing customers and clients as well as helping to generate new conversions.

When choosing between hiring a freelance writer versus partnering with a content management company, here are some things to consider:


Hiring a freelance writer may sometimes cost less upfront than working with a content agency but you run the risk of wasting your investment on poor quality content.

Quality of Work

Because content management companies have the use of an experienced content team, the quality of the content produced of higher quality than that of a freelancer.


Each piece of content produced by a content management company will be scheduled and finely edited making for consistent high-quality content.

Final Thoughts

While at first glance working with a freelance writer may seem more convenient and lower-stakes than working with a content management company, the reality is freelancers cannot provide the same comprehensive services.

Any business looking to create the most effective content marketing strategy that is best designed to fit their needs should consider working with a content management company.

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