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What is a Good Template for a Social Media Strategy?

Do you want to skyrocket brand awareness and generate more revenue? Or are you looking for ways to forge an enduring relationship with your existing customers? How about a way to quickly connect with your potential customers and resolve their queries or problems? Irrespective of the goals and scale of your business, you need an active social media presence.

Nevertheless, social media marketing isn’t just about publishing engaging content now and then. If you want to accomplish your goals, you need a concrete social media marketing strategy. This involves complex steps such as social media audits, content planning, reporting, etc. Additionally, you must have a lucid understanding of your target audience and identify their preferred social media channels.

While these steps aren’t necessarily rocket-science, they require meticulous planning and are time-consuming. This is where social media templates step into the picture. Whether you’re developing customer personas or tracking social media analytics, the right template helps save time and effort.

Effective Social Media Templates for Today’s Marketers

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all template that covers the entire gamut of a social media marketing strategy. Instead, you’ll find a wide array of useful templates to simplify each step. Let’s take a look at a few nifty social media templates.

1. Social Media Strategy Template

You can use this template to outline your business objectives and KPIs (key performance indicators). Additionally, it helps link your objectives to your marketing goals. Here’s an example:

Social Media Strategy Template Outline
Social Media Strategy Template

Image via Hootsuite

2. Social Media Audit Template

Before you start building a social media content strategy, you must monitor how your existing content is performing across various social media channels. It highlights gaps in your strategy and helps you identify the right channels to connect with your audience. Additionally, it helps analyze whether any of your social media profiles are outdated.

Make sure the template includes the following details:

  • Your social media handles
  • Number of followers on each platform
  • Content publishing frequency
  • Reach & engagement metrics

Here’s an example:

Social Media Strategy Template for Buffer
Social Media Strategy Template- Buffer

Image via Buffer

3. Audience Persona Template

If you want to connect with different segments of your target audience, you must create distinct audience personas for each segment. Think of it as a detailed description of your ideal customer including their likes, dislikes, aspirations, struggles, etc. It streamlines your content strategy and helps you create content that resonates with your audience.

Here’s a useful audience persona template:

Buyer Persona templates for Social Marketing
Audience Persona Template- Sprout Social

Image via Sprout Social

4. Editorial Calendar Template

An editorial calendar outlines your overarching content strategy across different channels. It helps your team members plan and schedule content for the coming months. It should include:

  • Topic/title of the content
  • Author/creator of the content
  • Campaign name
  • Type of content
  • Deadline
  • Date of publishing
  • Status
  • Distribution channels
  • Call-to-action (CTA)

Here’s a sample editorial calendar template:

Blog editorial calendar template from Hubspot
Blog Editorial Calendar- Hubspot

Image via HubSpot

5. Social Media Calendar Template

A social media content calendar is instrumental in consistently creating and publishing outstanding content. It outlines your daily content creation and publishing schedule across different social media platforms. Moreover, it helps collate your social media content assets and makes it easier to repurpose them.

It should include the following information:

  • Date & time of publishing
  • Caption
  • Image
  • Link to be included in the caption
  • Campaign name

Here’s a useful social media calendar template:

Social Media Calendar Template
Social Media Calendar

Image via HubSpot

We recommend that you create separate content calendar sheets using Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel for each social media platform.

6. Social Listening Template

Social listening is the practice of identifying and monitoring conversations about your brand on various social media channels. Keeping a template ready helps you track your brand name mentions and tags to understand how your brand is being perceived. A social listening template should include the following details:

  • Social media platform
  • Post title
  • Date & time of publishing
  • Type of content

Here’s an example:

Social LIstening Template
Content Review Template

Image via Content Marketing Institute

7. Social Media Analytics Template

Monitoring your social media campaigns involves tracking and interpreting copious amounts of data. That’s why you need a social media analytics template to consolidate various metrics and evaluate the performance of your campaigns. It should include metrics such as:

  • Net increase/decrease in follower count
  • Reach
  • Views
  • Engagement metrics (likes, comments, and shares)
  • Link clicks

Here’s a sample template:

Social Media Analytics Template
Social Listening Template

Image via Hootsuite

8. Social Media Reporting Template

Analyzing a plethora of data to evaluate a social media campaigns’ performance may not be everyone’s cup of tea. For instance, your boss or client doesn’t want to know how much traction a video garnered. Instead, they’re interested in finding out whether the video helped them accomplish their goals.

Here’s a straightforward template for this purpose:

Reporting Templates Are Important to Measure your success
Success Snapshot

Image via Hootsuite


Whether you’re a one-person army or a large team, social media templates come in handy at each step of marketing. Make sure you customize each template according to your goals and target audience.

Have you used any other social media templates? Share your views in the comments section below.

Next Steps

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