Our Process

1. Discovery Call

Our knowledgeable salespeople will set up a discovery call to understand your goals and objectives, and your industry. We love to learn about new industries, whether it's boating to banking, widgets to water softeners, getting to know your current strategy and growth goals will help us hit the ground running.

2. Strategy and Research

Once we understand your business, we will do all the legwork to research who is currently winning the content game in your space. Which articles get shared the most? What keywords help get eyeballs? What works in the space and what types of articles don't get traction? Let us do the hard work for you to get a strategy formed and start executing against it.

Search optimized
Social Optimization

3. Client Success Manager

As a WriteForMe client, you will be assigned a dedicated point of contact who knows your business, works with you to edit and define the content, and is a general extra member of your marketing team. Once we are off to the races making great content, your CSM will elicit feedback and work to hone our tone. We will schedule weekly status calls to ensure the content we deliver is to your satisfaction and is GROWING YOUR BUSINESS!

4. Content Delivered!

That's it. Every few days, you will receive edited, proofed, thoroughly stellar 1,000 word articles and 200 word social posts that will drive business and put your company on the path to SEO legend status. Imagine publishing hundreds of thoughtful and researched pieces of content to your website every year. The external links and organic traction for your company on the web is truly transformative. You get all this, and you don't need to hire, edit, manage, or write your own content. WriteForMe is about the best way your can spend your marketing dollars to own your industry.