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Let’s Strategize

It’s always best to start at the beginning, as they say.

If you’re like most companies, your content marketing strategy is often overlooked, and other priorities take front seat.  As a result, it’s not easy to consistently get into the groove to write something inspiring.

For most companies, Content Marketing is one of the most challenging parts of your marketing mix to deliver on. The goal of your content marketing strategy is to define and follow a plan to make sure that every word on your page, blog, article, press release, is part of a larger plan to elevate your brand, communicate your value, or drive revenue.

Our team believes that content strategy should be agreed upon and delivered consistently and predictably.


Our promise to you is that we will bring you great writers and content project managers who will deliver consistent high-quality content that reflect well on your brand.  If you ever aren’t fully satisfied with a piece of content, we will work with you to get it right at no additional cost.

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Your Editorial Calendar

Now that we have a strategy, let’s have a tactical application of that strategy.

With an editorial calendar in place, our writing staff can execute and deliver the content you are expecting for that particular month. The calendar is important in that it helps avoid navigating away from your intended strategy and reduces edit cycles.

Your Content Marketing Plan

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High-Quality Content Writing

Our process is unique.  We learn your voice and objectives, and we consistently perform keyword research and analysis on what your customers are searching for.  We research your competitors and find content in your category that is being shared.  Shared content tells us what your customers are engaged in, and we build you a content calendar with several article headlines for you to approve so we can deliver content to you that your readers want to read.

From there, we deliver content to you on a predictable and consistent basis so you can publish it to your website and use it across channels: email lead nurturing, social media, events, presentations, print, and more.

We will help you ramp up your content marketing efforts faster, more consistently, and for less money than it would be if you hired your own writers.

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SEO Content Writing: Be Found, Organically

The right SEO strategy can save tens of thousands of dollars on paid search costs and drive organic traffic to your business. Our content marketing experts will craft thoughtful pieces that automatically incorporate the most powerful keywords that work for your business.

SEO is a very powerful channel, as you probably already know. What you might not know, is how to use your content marketing muscle to push your search rank higher and higher, every month.

Our writing staff and editors know exactly how to weave in your specific keywords in an engaging and organic manner to help you drive results and lower your paid media bills.

As you know, if you’re not on the first page of Google, you don’t exist.

Consistent Content Marketing

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Get More From Your Content Marketing

The beauty of WriteForMe is the ability to let us handle this complex and ever-evolving piece of your business for you. No more forcing Meg from accounting to write a blog post when nobody else wants to.

By entrusting WriteForMe with your content marketing services, you get an automatic best-of-breed content team working tirelessly to keep compelling articles and posts churning out. This allows your team to focus on other pieces of your business, while showing the world you are the source for trusted and timely news and opinion about your industry.

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