Blog Ideas for Beginners

5 Fresh Blog Ideas for Beginners [To Stand Out in 2023!]

Finding new blog ideas as a beginner can be challenging. Here are 5 blog post ideas to get you started that will keep readers interested.

Even newer content writers can master creating fun and engaging posts! So join us as we dive into 5 actionable (and fun!) ways you can connect with your readers—today.

Blogging is a hot trend in marketing that is here to stay. Almost 90 billion visits are paid to every month. That’s a lot of eyes on computer screens! Many of them pay a visit to any of the 600 million blogs in existence.

While blogging is a valuable tool to add to your content marketing strategy, it is not as simple as just putting pen to paper. To begin using this marketing method, you should start by considering topics that are not over-saturated. Where can you find blog ideas for beginners? Think about who will write the content that will keep viewers interested and engaged enough to pull up your Contact Us page.

You could start by writing personalized content, or offering new trends and strategies, and personalized stories that tie into your business products or mission statement. You want to be as relevant as possible in all your content offerings and so you should aim to offer a unique perspective that relates to your business, reflects its values, and offers solutions to problems or issues that your readers may come across.

Ideally, these solutions are something your company can uniquely provide. Another handy tip is to always allow your readers to feel involved in your organization. One of the keys to effective blogging is to know your readers and think like them.

Here are 5 blog ideas for beginners that will keep your readers coming back time after time.

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Blog Idea #1Address Frequently Asked Questions

Your readers are the true tests of the quality of your blogs.

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Put yourself into their shoes. What information could you provide that would help your readers? What haven’t you seen written about on other company’s blogs? Questions are always a good place to find helpful blog ideas for beginners.

These can be questions you’ve been asked as a business owner about your products or services. You need to ensure a high level of depth when using this strategy and so you should always provide background information and stories about how the person who asked the question felt and how you felt when you responded.

If you get emails or phone calls from people asking the same questions, write out a list of them and respond to those questions on a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page and eventually in individual blogs about each, going into greater depth. If your business is new and you haven’t been asked many questions, create a list of questions you’d ask any new business and write out your solutions.

Be sure to keep reading! You may come across forums about issues in your industry that will stimulate a new blog idea worth exploring. These reflect real-life happenings in your specific genre or business area. Once you have written your own blog in answer to that industry question, go back to the forum, post a brief response, and direct those readers to your blog to read more.

Questions are a good way to increase not only the traffic flow to your website but also your levels of engagement.

Blog Idea #2—Insert Quotes, Memes, or Jokes

Humor is a great way to keep readers reading. As not all blog ideas need to be advanced topics.

However, you should ensure that your humor is appropriate and doesn’t reflect anything that is controversial. Controversial topics include sexist, racist, ethnic, political, or sarcastic content and should be avoided.

While there is usually a joke around every corner, for this strategy to be effective, you should do some research. Seek out the best humorous stories and meme formats in your industry. Use those to begin a blog post. Sometimes, these stories can be personal ones that happened on the job or in your family. Just make sure they relate to your business and are tasteful.

Another option is inserting quotes from famous people, or bits of conversations with people in your business or your special niche. These can be inspirational to clients.

Additionally, you can use them to kick off a blog or illustrate a particular point you are trying to make.

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Blog Idea #3—Share Personal Stories About a Relatable Topic

Personal stories are one of the best blog post ideas for beginners wanting to maximize their reach.


Stories keep readers coming back!

Writing about a personal struggle or a particular win you or your business had, or even one that you suspect your readers are facing is bond-forming. The human element this creates is an added bonus. When you appear more human, your business becomes more appealing, and readers associate what they feel about you with what your business offers. This builds brand loyalty.

If you are trying to sell something, tell your story and weave in what is called pain points. These are common problems or feelings that people have when dealing with the story content.

In other words, people may feel the same frustration you do about a problem. Address the readers’ concerns and then bring it back to what you and your company can do to help.

Blog Idea #4—Review the Tools of Your Trade

When unpacking blog post ideas for beginners it is important to get a good understanding of how you can use your business expertise effectively in your content strategy.

The tools of your trade are your special skills, the services you offer, or the products you provide. By discussing these specifically, you demonstrate proficiency and competence within your niche.

A good example of how to use these effectively is through reviews. Product and services reviews give you the perfect platform to showcase your expertise within your industry. Not only can you post other people’s reviews of your products and services, but you can also post links to specific product pages.

Posting reviews of new products within your industry keeps you relevant and current. It gives the impression that you are on top of the latest developments taking place. Much of this information can be found in news releases from manufacturers.

Blog Ideas #5—An Inspirational View of Your Journey

Another great idea is to make it personal. Consider writing about your journey. How did you overcome obstacles to get to where you are now? What is your personal road to success?

Blog posts like this can be very inspirational and encourage other business owners and your readers. These very personal blogs are meant to connect with readers and bring them into your business family, even as customers.

Additional Blog Ideas for Beginners

When you get started, make sure you write SEO-friendly blog posts using the relevant terms for each so readers can find you.

Write as you talk. Make sure your blog doesn’t read like a term paper. Readers are often searching for something specific when they find your blog, so hook them and keep them engaged with your company. In other words, write with a consistent voice and use a message that resonates with them.

A great blogging-for-beginners tip is to add a Call to Action. This can be to get them to read more, share the blog, leave a comment, subscribe to a newsletter or email list, or just write to you. If the blog is a page on your main website, invite readers to explore the whole site.

Finally, urge them gently to buy your products or services.

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