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5 Reasons to Maintain Top-Notch Social Media Content

In the age of content marketing, SEO, and a highly saturated online marketplace, the content creation process is crucial.

As a brand, you spend a pretty penny and invest a lot of time in creating strategies, hiring consultants, and tracking analytics to make great content. This time and dedication pays off in blog posts, email marketing campaigns, and sales funnels, but what about your social media content?

Social media, when well-executed, can consistently attract the business you want in the same way other marketing strategies bring in leads.

Here are our top 3 reasons to maintain top-notch social media content:

1. Create a Wider Net

Just as consistent email marketing and blogging are important, a consistent social presence is vital. Showing up frequently and with genuine and highly engaging content on your ideal audience’s feed creates a wider net of touchpoints. It takes more than eight times of someone seeing a product or service to take action toward a purchase.

Consistent contact in social media, whether active or passive, can push more and more customers to this threshold, as well as exposing new potential customers to your brand. Beyond creating the lead, a social presence keeps your already loyal followers engaged.

After you post content on your site, you must share it on social media. Did you know that 54,000 links are shared every minute on Facebook? That means it works. Otherwise, Facebook wouldn’t allow it. A great way to cast a wider net is to share a link to your blog post on your social media account, either on the day you post it or on the day after. It’s that easy and effective.

2.  Engagement Creates a Growing Audience

The more engagement and interaction you consistently generate with your audience on social channels, the more growth you can generate overall. This works as a two-way street; you keep your current audience continually engaged, and the social algorithms present your content to new users. People spend about 45 minutes each day on social media; some reportedly spend as many as 3 hours! And because this time is dispersed throughout the day, regardless of Facebook’s algorithm changes, you have multiple opportunities in the day to maintain engagement and grow your audience.

Engagement can fuel the most profitable sort of interaction: conversation between your closest customers and the audiences they connect with. This process can spread your message much farther than traditional outreach alone can.

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3. Optimizing for Social Is Vital

Different social platforms call for different kinds of content. Knowing the kind of images, posts, copies, tags, and hashtags you should use is important on different social networking sites. This can be hard to coordinate when you are already overwhelmed by your regular content scheduling.

A perk to working with WriteForMe is our ability to ensure all of your content is fully optimized for social across the proper channels. Imagine having posts waiting for you each week that are on brand and on target for your company, so that you can optimize your social without all of that extra work!

4. Showcase Your Brand

It’s important to build a brand that people remember; social media is a great place to develop and curate what that brand is. When you are putting in the hard work in all other aspects of your marketing efforts, your social presence should represent you. What makes your product or service unique? What do you do well that no one else does?

Use your presence on social as an owned channel to fully communicate what you are about and what impact you are making on the world. This image should be considered in each message or post that you type, send, or tweet.

5. Social Data Benefits Go Beyond the Platform

Social media platforms are full of data waiting to be harvested. Having a consistent and thorough social presence can help you better hone in on your ideal audience and what they are looking for from your product or service. Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter track their users and can help you identify the best audience to target on social and beyond.

The collective data of your users can not only inform your organic social strategy; it can also help you launch a paid social strategy as well. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram offer unique targeting abilities that can help you reach an even wider audience. And not only does this help you create consistent content and showcase quality work, but it also greatly benefits other marketing efforts beyond your social presence.


We all want our hard work and efforts to pay off. It’s human nature.

Over half of all people on social media interact with brands more than once a month. Your top-notch social media content can take center stage, so that your business is always growing.

Consistency, proven strategy and quality content are vital across all marketing efforts, especially social media. In our packages, we provide 10 social media posts a month, in order to help you remain consistent and showcase your quality work.

With a well developed content and social media marketing plan, your efforts in marketing will reach your ideal audience and help grow with a consistent social media effort. As a company, you’ve put all the work in to create a great product or service. Now it’s time to share that success by developing a consistent brand that people will love and share.

Reach out to us to discuss the best social media and content marketing practices for your business and start growing your audience engagement today.

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Andy Steuer

Andy Steuer

Andy Steuer is the Chief Marketing Officer at WriteForMe. Andy has been CEO, CMO, VP of Product for 8 fast-growing companies in his career. 3 of those companies became Top 10 Internet companies. Content Marketing has always been at the core to differentiate these companies from their competition. You can always schedule a 1 on 1 meeting with Andy by grabbing some time on his calendar here. List articles below that have Andy on the byline on the rest of the page. Here’s my calendar link: » More blog posts by Andy Steuer

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